About Us


Jack Of All Solutions & Trades is a platform that gives reliable, hardworking, professional individuals, mom & pop, independent contractors and other smaller service providers, the power to make extra money, grow their small business and reputation in their local community. The platform is designed to make small business more competitive with their larger vendors by saving the customer money through a management platform.

Jack of All Solutions & Trades is not an employer but a platform for screened and talented independent service providers to meet up with pre- approved customers. We consider ourselves a service and management company. We manage talent and the process to guarantee customer satisfaction. Soon to be the Uber of home services !!!

Jack was formed by a son and his mom. Jarian, the son, has a B.S in Business Management and has 15+ years of independent contracting experience. He has contracted with various companies in many capacities. These companies include Adecco, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Crosscom. He has worked in various fields like sales, music, electric/low voltage and education. No Child Left Behind and Early Intervention. A real “Jack of all” . His experiences working with people from all walks of life led him to design a platform linking business with talent and unique skills.

Gail, The mom, worked as a public school teacher for over 33 years. Despite the fact that she and her colleagues earned degrees and even advanced degrees, this education was no guarantee of financial success. Many educators sort work from private contractors in the field of education. This type of work allowed educators who struggled with important commitments like family and advancing their own education, the opportunity to select the days and times which best suited their needs.

As more people look for additional income making opportunities, we’re hoping that they will see Jack as a SOLUTION. What could be better? We believe that our independent service providers will at times become our customers and our customers, will at times become our service providers. .Everyone has something unique to bring to the table. Do you want help with starting that business idea that you’ve had for years, need a plumber or a lawyer, or are you a plumber or a lawyer? You’ve come to the right place!! Welcome to Jack Of ALL Solutions and Trades.